With our 30 years of Developer experience, we understand what the malls want and our clients need. We also know where the developers will and won't bend in the negotiation process. We bring this expertise to our clients for the purpose of expediting our deals.

Never too small or too large for us to handle your Real Estate needs We like to specialize in manufacturers or retailers that have never entered the mall environment. The adjustment can be rather dramatic resulting in an unsuccessful foray. Our job is to take the mystery out of malls! In the past seven years RI has processed over 3000 leases in almost 1000 unique malls. What makes this possible is that we have relationships with all of the large developers; Simon, GGP, PREIT, Westfield, Macerich, Cafaro, Glimcher and many other much smaller developers.

We know: Contact us to represent your business and we can give you our Ala-carte menu for helping you grow your business or help you start your business. If you are interested in RI helping you start your business, see the Retail Development section of this site.