New Hope Barricades
Price: Product priced the same as drywall but you can use time and time again.
The Future Panels barricade system delivers a higher quality, more cost-effective alternative to drywall and other traditional barricade construction in malls, airports, convention centers, museums and more. New Hope Products’ technologically innovative system is completely modular, allowing for a wide variety of applications. Re-use the lightweight panels for years, while saving time and money on setup, teardown and storage.

Advantages of Using Future Panels™
1. Setup in 30 minutes, tear down in 10 minutes
2. Reusable, environmentally friendly modular system
3. The only system to come with its own storage cart, preventing unnecessary damage
4. Seamless canvas for superior advertising
5. Durable Haircell finish withstands floor cleaning and will last for years, reducing the need for replacement panels
6. Lightweight core makes assembly and storage fast and easy
7. Great for marketing (display windows and barricade graphics) and Specialty Leasing for "rightsizing" a space.
8. The perfect product for pop-up retail! Any space can look new in an hour!