Brady Flower's "Art in the Mall" program presents:

Personalized Photo Letter Art
Price: $10 to $75
Photos are taken of almost everything that looks like a letter. These letters are then aligned to spell various words.
Customers get to choose the words and the images to create their own piece of art. All you need to do as the operator is assemble and frame it on the spot!

Personalization = SALES!

The concept was recently introduced with outstanding results. This year will be the year to jump on board at the very beginning of the product cycle! One of our operators did $64,000+ in sales from November 29th to December 31 last year in a "B" mall.
Other distributors obtained similar results.

  1. Will only offer rights to one operator in a be the first.

  2. Use our display or we will assist you in building your own.

  3. Fast product turn around time.

  4. Product sales support.

  5. Nearly 4x product markup.

  6. Visual products that the malls like & want

  7. Proven sales results.

  8. Creates and generates crowds.

  9. Profitable concept!

"We followed your directions to a tee; display, pricing, wrapping, sales, presentation, staffing etc. From the first day we opened you would have thought we were the Nordstrom of carts. By the second week, over one-half of the business were repeat buyers, and to me that pretty much says it all.
It was our original intention to close the cart in January and now its mid April and yes we are still open!"
Nancee & Ed Devlin