RJ\'s Fuzzies Sheepskin
Price: $3 to $75

RJs Fuzzies started in 2002 as aretailer

where they proved the profitability of selling

Sheepskin products in the mall. They are still

retailing and continuing to prove the

merchandise mix.

With the connections generated during the

first years of operatoions, the natural move

was to establish a wholesale arm.

The average 3 months sales is $100,000 with

the possability of doing much more.

We will assist you in getting the right mall and

the right location

The Product

We provide a variety of Sheepskin shoes,

slippers, boots, rugs and accessories to

provide for all your Sheepskin needs.

We use all natural sheepskin lining, NOT

wool lining like some other companies. When

you say Shearling, it implies that a company

sews the sheep wool to a mesh. This process

is not natural and therefore not strong!

1. Will only offer rights to one operator in

a mall.....so be the first.

2. Use our display or we will assist you in

building your own.

3. Fast product turn around time.

4. Product sales support.

5. Nearly 3x product markup.

6. Visual products that the malls like & want

7. Proven sales results.

8. Creates and generates crowds.

9. High volume sales!

10. Three month program during Christmas.

11. VERY high quality.

12. Will assist in finding the right mall.

13. Training and guidance during the season.