Lease Infusion
Price: Call for Details
After working for shopping center developers for over 30 years directing Specialty Leasing and New Business Development I realized that there needed to be a better way to initiate, track and approve leases.

Lease Infusion manages all your lease tracking needs!

We developed Lease Infusion once we started handling third party management of specialty leasing programs.

What Lease Infusion Delivers:
  • The ability to track all Specialty Leasing deals at multiple properties. The size of the property doesn’t matter!
  • Control on all temporary locations for In-line, common area, event marketing and even storage.
  • Layered approval process starting in the field and up to corporate if necessary
  • License Agreement preparation based on ONLY approved deals - Agreements can only be easily modified before final corporate approval
  • Tenant tracking – Sales, rents, charges, deposits, etc for one or more properties
  • Easy information transfer to Excel
  • To Do e-mail prompts and web-site prompts – Example: Pending approval – License agreement #52 Stratford Square.
  • Color coding for quick easy recognition
  • Reports for Occupancy, Location Availability, License History
  • Quick use help menu
  • Quick add for new properties and Licensees. You can create a pre approved vendor!
  • Data storage if needed
  • Many other options!
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