The Wow Smile offers the developer and consumer a proven product that is guaranteed….or the money is refunded. Also, WOW is continuing to develop new product insuring maximum sales potential from each kiosk location.
Wow Smile
Wow Smile Company Overview

While the dental teeth whitening industry is about twenty years old, cosmetic teeth whitening, our concept, which is performed outside the dental office has been rapidly emerging over the last three years. While a dentist is licensed to put his hands in a patient’s mouth to administer a teeth whitening procedure, cosmetic teeth whitening is self-administered with the teeth whitening professional providing product education, instructions for use, tools to administer the session and the LED light for use by the customer.

The mall program was founded on the premise, do it right! Unlike many of our competitors, we are regulating the look, the feel and product from the top down. We provide the kiosk, negotiate the mall agreement, control the POS system and manage inventory levels and require the operators to use our operating manual.

Concept Overview Moving Forward The Wow Smile is a Florida based Corporation that will be rolling out licensed and company owned stores across the country. The following information is based on our immediate needs: