Concept Overview Oriental Chi is a massage therapy kiosk that has adopted the philosophy, do it right! This philosophy has developed loyal patrons and has taken the normal massage worries from the developers. They achieve this by always obtaining required permits, properly operating within their space and paying rent/overage rent on time! Oriental Chi

Tenant Information Oriental Chi
The Space or Kiosk Knowing the market is full of competitors Steven Chen, founder of Oriental Chi, knew his concept needed to be different. Drawing from his personal life experiences in his native China, he has created a unique massage experience with the finest of well trained, licensed massage therapists. The in-line and the kiosk both feature:
  • A small 10’x10’ footprint for the kiosk and/or an 800’ to 1,500’ for the in-line space. The kiosk can be re-configured to accommodate almost any location, against a hand rail, wall or free standing.
  • A waterfall and soft music to create ambiance.
  • One 20 amp circuit / Standard phone upgradeable to DSL
  • The look reflects an image of tranquility.
    • Everything will reflect Feng Shui (literally "wind water") – Tie in to the audio senses (music) and/or the sounds of running water
  • Oriental Chi Oriental Chi Expansion Plans
    Oriental Chi is looking to expand to 25 locations by the end of 2021.